We have used Lan Pros for our IT services for nearly a decade!  I wouldn't go anywhere else!  Their IT knowledge is superb and they are always able to resolve our issues very quickly.  Silvio always gives unbiased information about choosing the right software/equipment to meet our needs!  He is great at explaining technical things in a way we can understand.  Great customer service!  Lan Pros goes above and beyond to find a solution that works for us! I would highly recommend Lan Pros for any IT needs!

Dr. Olson

If you want good quality and A+ service, then use Lan Pros.

The advantages have been the first-class immediate service we have received, the professionalism of the actual service/work and most importantly the quality of the services provided. Could not have done it without Lan Pros in the last 6 years!!

Response to all service calls and emergency situations are dealt with in a timely and appropriate manner. Our entire staff relies on Lan Pros and know they can reach out to you guys at any time with any issue. We love that!

I would say; you pay what you get for! Can’t get better than Silvio and Paul to do your IT work.  They are my brothers!!

Dr. Ehsan Rezvan

You can sleep well at night knowing that Lan Pros has your back. If your computers are down, this team will be there for you. I have been using Lan Pros for years and in a crisis, we have never had to stop the practice.

Silvio and the team have outstanding reliability. They keep up with the latest technology and respond quickly.

Dr. Darren Machule, DMD, PhD

With Lan Pros, I feel confident that our backups are secure. If any unforeseen circumstances would ever happen, we know Lan Pros would have our records safe and sound. The setup and installation of our computers and cameras were professionally done. Work was clean. I would pick Lan Pros because of Silvio and the team. Great guys who you can rely on.

Dr. Jeremy Velasco D.D.S

Four years ago, I lost my office due to devastating fire. We had to relocate my office to another building across the street for 16 months while we rebuild a new office there.

The fire happens on a Sunday afternoon. All my data and computers were damaged beyond recovery. Silvio was working all night that Sunday, had my cloud stored data transferred to a loaner server, which was ready for my staff on Monday morning. So, we could start calling patients, cancelling them, and letting them know about the fire.  After that, they did all the wiring for phones, data, networking, and they gave us loaner computers. In only two weeks after the fire, we were able to see patients in the temporary location. And of course, Lan Pros did all the phone networking and set up computers in my new office. Still sometimes when I think back to those days, I don’t know how we did it, and I cannot imagine how much worse this could have been, if I didn’t have Silvio’s help. If a company can offer you this level of service, I think it’s worth a lot. Maybe in my case what happened to us was extreme, but everyone knows how important our data is to our business and how even a temporary problem can cause large disruption to our business. I think it’s nice to have the peace of mind that you are working with a company that it’s going to be there for you at all times.

Dr. Shawn Taheri

Lan Pros is an extremely professional business.  I worked with many business services and sadly I've come to realize that business don't always live up to their promises and have poor communication.  This was a refreshing experience.  Lan Pros knows what they are doing, they offer great advice, work with your budget, and get the job done while exceeding your expectations. 

Go with Lan Pros if you want to avoid a headache with your computer systems. The Lan Pros team has been unbelievably detailed and attentive to how we want the computers to run and work in my office.  Everything runs smooth and looks clean and organized.  I thought my computers ran smooth and the wiring was clean before, but it's so much better after Lan Pro's help.

Lan Pros is fantastic. Everything works well, and if I want a change or if I have any questions it is addressed immediately. The Lan Pros team has been unbelievably detailed and attentive to how I want the computers to run.  Everything runs smooth and looks clean and organized.

Dr. Robert Soto, DDS

Lan Pros has been the best team to work with because they have a lot of experience with Dental IT. They are fast and efficient and know how to solve problems. I feel comfortable knowing they are always there when I need them. Lan Pros always has the latest and up to date products and information in regards to what is useful in a dental office. My office has the latest technology and is truly user friendly. They know what will work best for you and your office.

Lan Pros is the best IT firm out there. They are efficient, professional, and always there when things don’t work or need fine tuning. They are hassle free and truly a great company.

Dr. Niki Fallah, DDS, MS Mills-Peninsula Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics

Lan Pros Communication has always been there for us.  From cabling the office during the build out to upgrades/updates on our software and hardware. It has also been very beneficial to have Lan Pros tell us when to hold off on the upgrades as the software provider still had too many bugs to work out.  That alone has saved us hours of frustration!

Lan Pros Communication has been very responsive to any of our problems and emergencies and had a technician at our door as early as we could get into the office!  I never feel like we get put on the back burner by them no matter the size of our perceived problem.

Service and support have been excellent by all of the Lan Pros personnel and have never had anyone that wasn’t cordial and very knowledgeable!  I wouldn’t hesitate to use them!

Dr. Mark S. Nadler, D.M.D.

Lan Pros extraordinary knowledge based on all things dental is one of the biggest assets. To me they are premier leader in IT. They are known for their outstanding and significant capabilities to manage complex phases of multiple systems in a dental IT. Their knowledge about the state-of-art dental field is quite refreshing and satisfying. They are creative in problem solving. The breadth and goals of the assigned tasks needs sometimes originality. They definitely possess that. They maintain and conduct network safety accordance with established regulations with respect to own and others. They can inform about any unsafe software. Their professional judgement is very refreshing.

We have been with Lan Pros from the beginning. Lan Pros helped us breathe life into the practice that was quite a chore with the other IT professionals. Lan Pros reliability is second to none.

Lan Pros is professional and has personal integrity that would land into leading choice for anyone looking for IT needs. Lan Pros is integral part of our practice and we have never thought of employing anyone else for our practice. I am not sure anywhere else one can proudly say that.

Dr. Mohsena Ahmad, DDS and Jasim Ahmad

I would write a book about Lan Pros, but here is my pitch: “If you need a competent team of professional to take care of your I.T. which is the main source of your business and lively hood you need to work with Lan Pros.  Lan Pros prompt support is the best among the fact that they gave me the sense of confidence in them that Lan Pros team knows what they are doing. Lan Pros has much better communication and response time than other ones.”

Mohsen Ghoreishi

From the first day I have secured Lan Pros Communication for all of my IT needs. I have felt an immense sense of relief and trust that my data and my practice are in good hands. I have experienced personalized care from the many dedicated employees there, and each one of them makes me feel like a VIP client on a first name basis. I always receive honest recommendations and prompt service, especially during a crisis. I feel that they stay current on all security matters and look ahead to make sure my tech purchases serve me well for my future plans, not just my immediate needs. Compared to other IT companies, I have used in the past, I feel that Lan Pros Communications cares about their clients and about the quality of service they provide, and what their business stands for. Their loyalty goes a long way in my book.

Kim Angers Office Manager
Dr. Michael J. Rebottaro

The biggest benefit to us has been the excellent service that Lan Pros always provides and it has remained very CONSISTENT.

Lan Pros is very up to date and easy to get the hold off. If we need something or have a question, or an emergency situation come up, there is always someone who will attend to it.

I would say if you want quality, predictability and consistency, you should choose Lan Pros.

Dr. Amir R. Koopah, D.D.S General & Cosmetic Dentistry
San Francisco & Orinda

When you have to make choice regarding IT and Network security needs, it is best to choose a company that has the experience and knowledge and people you can trust.  For those reasons, I highly recommend LAN Pros to all my colleagues.

The biggest benefit of using LAN Pros Communication for our IT and Network needs is that they are very knowledgeable in the different software and hardware used in a digital dental practice.  In our specific case it started with installation of a new dental imaging software.  We then needed updates to our data security.  LAN Pros also helped in installation and conversion of dental data to a new practice management software and a new server.  And most recently LAN Pros was crucial in running data lines and installation of new hardware for an expansion project.  So, as our IT needs changed over the years, LAN Pros was able to help us upgrade and grow every step of the way.

In addition to knowledge in IT for a dental practice, the LAN Pros Staff and the owner Silvio is very personable and trustworthy.  They will make recommendations and give advice based on what your current and near future IT needs are.  They are not just doing business, they are part of your practice family.

Dr. Hani Jabbour

When it comes to IT there is no one I trust more than Silvio and his team at Lan Pros Communication. I have worked with several companies over the years and Lan Pros is the best and has never disappointed in timely service and support. I would highly recommend them.

Dr. Michael Huguet

If you are looking for a partner who is interested in your success and delivers high quality product and top-of-the line service, you won't find any company better than Lan Pros! They are reliable, high quality provider who's flexible and motivated to support us in meeting our business needs.

Compared to other IT firms they have can-do-attitude, transparent on pricing, extremely high-quality work, and able to deliver on time.

Dr. Michelle Haghpanah